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First Post!

16 Dec 2013

Hello and welcome. I am Dave Leaver, the coder behind the awesome games of Ironshod.

Between 4 and 6 years ago I wrote Defence Station Portable, a PSP homebrew Tower Defense game, which later became Defense Station Touchable for the iPhone. In this game I implemented fixed-path mode, where the enemies follow a fixed path and you cannot build in their way. Then later I implemented pathfinding, so you can place towers and the enemies will find their way around them to the exit.

I’m going to try make a full RTS game now, mostly inspired by some of the cool tech that Planetary Annihilation is using.

I’ll start this blog series off by roughly going through how to put a basic tower defense game together, with fixed pathing and dynamic pathing.

From there we will look at the building blocks of a modern RTS game, including modern pathfinding techniques such as Driving behaviours, flocking and flow fields. As I continue to develop my own RTS game, hopefully I come up with some other interesting things to talk about too :-)

Hopefully I write something worth reading. You can subscribe using the Atom Feed.

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